Wananga One-Eye

Spiritual Leader of the North Wind Garou


Wananga is old and leathery and has a bad left eye. He usually carries a staff adorned with beads, feathers, and animal skulls. He dresses in ill-kept robes of deer hide and wears black and red face paint. He smells musty due to the fact he seldom bathes. His demeanor? Well, he seems more than a little crazy and definitely spooky.

In lupus form, he is a dark grey wolf with a light grey underbelly and a bad left eye.


Although he holds no official position currently, Wananga is accorded great respect by quite a few of the members of the Sept of the North Wind, mainly due to the fact of him being the oldest member of the caern. He has a long history of extensive journeys and quests into the spirit world and is regarded as an unofficial spiritual leader of the sept. When Wananga speaks, everyone listens even if they don’t necessarily agree.

Wanaga got the moniker “One eye” when he sacrificed his left eye as an offering to hoary and immemorial old spirits for the power of prophecy. After knifing his eye, he rubbed salt and ash into the socket to insure it would not grow back properly.

Wananga One-Eye

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