Pau Shan Qu

The Stargazer Elder and Riddlemaster


Pau appears as a middle aged asian man in homid form. At sept functions, he wears the traditional regalia of an asiatic shaman. Other times, he dresses in jeans and a flannel shirt. He often seems to be smiling at a joke only he is privy to. But at other times, he can be quite stern and serious.

His wolf form is black furred with grey paws and brown eyes.


Pau simply showed up at the North Wind Caern one day in 1962 unannounced. At first the Uktena and Wendigo were suspicious of him but he eventually won them over by beating Wananga One-Eye and several others in a game of riddles. Ever since he has been known around the sept as the Riddlemaster with over a thousand riddles. Nicolae Dragomir of the Shadow Lords is said to hate Pau with a passion over some past slight and often shoots him dirty looks but Pau always responds by smiling back at him.

Where some others preach vocally about unity for the sept, Pau prefers to lead by example. Even still, this has managed to win him some enemies even among the Wendigo and Uktena.

Pau is becoming worried with the direction the sept is taking. He was also growing wary of Wananga’s ever apparent madness and the fact that many other garou seemed to be willfully ignorant of it. But ever since Wananga’s lies have become exposed, Qu now worries more about the possibility of civil war.

Pau Shan Qu

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