The Wolves Are Coming

Children of Luna is the sister chronicle to Against All Odds, focusing on the garou of the Sept of the North Wind in early 1990s Michigan. The werewolves of Michigan are united in their opposition of the Wyrm …excpet when they aren’t. They are bitterly opposed to the leeches …except when they aren’t. They are fervent defenders of ancient customs and traditions…except when they aren’t.

The garou of Michigan exist in a pressure cooker of conflicting loyalties. The tribes must put aside their ancient hostilities and work together but can they? They must reconcile ancient ways with the modern world but is such a thing possible? They must balance their human and wolf sides but are human reason and wolfish instinct truly compatible? The pressure is mounting. Tempers are boiling. Rage will soon be unleashed in all its furious and bloody splendor.

Children of Luna

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