Hello there, players of Against All Odds! Just a reminder that this chronicle and Against All Odds take place in the same continuity. This is to allow for the possibility of crossover stories. So, no metagaming is allowed. This means that your Sabbat character can’t use knowledge that you the player know solely on an out of character(OOC) basis about the Michigan garou. Likewise, your garou character isn’t automatically going to know everything about the vampires of Detroit just because your Sabbat character has such in character(IC) knowledge. If your character learned something ICly, he gets to use it ICly. Otherwise, forget it.

Example: Rob has a Sabbat vampire character in Against All Odds and knows the names of the Archbishop and the Bishops and most of the founded coven Ducti of Detroit. Rob then makes a new werewolf character for Children of Luna. Rob’s garou character will probably start out knowing that Detroit is “a hotbed of leech activity” because that’s common knowledge among Michigan garou. However, he won’t automatically know anything about their politics and power structure or much about their supernatural powers. Likewise, Robs Sabbat vampire character won’t suddenly have knowledge that his new werewolf character has.

Guideline: If you think a character from either chronicle should know something about the other chronicle, ask the Storyteller first. Similarly, if the Storyteller catches your character saying something he or she shouldn’t have any way of knowing, he’ll let you know and his word is final.

But I trust you guys not to do this sort of thing on purpose.


Children of Luna paul23