Character Creation

Werewolf: The Apocalypse

Player characters will start out as werewolves of the Sept of the North Wind. They can pick any Tribe, Breed, and Auspice from the core rulebook. The may pick any garou gifts from the core rulebook or players guide. They are also allowed to choose Merits and Flaws if they wish. In that respect, character creation is fairly standard. Additionally, one and only ONE player may make a Corax character while understanding that the stories will be heavily Garou-centric.

However, players should keep in mind that the Sept of the North Wind is a very rural base for werewolves and that the more urban tribes such as Bone Gnawers and Glass Walkers are not only rare but have something of a social stigma attached to them in Michigan’s wilderness septs. They will not only have to watch what they say but will have to work harder to earn any respect. Dirty looks and backbiting commentary will simply be a fact of life for them. And the more grudging respect they earn, the more easily they will earn enemies who will want to “put them in their place”.

Get of Fenris and Shadow Lords are the second most distrusted tribes. They have a lot of potential to make enemies but they are both more numerous than Bone Gnawers and Glass Walkers. A player from either of these tribes will have more tribal allies to aid him in any conflicts.

Fianna and Silver Fangs are a little better off than the previous tribes. While regarded with some suspicion by the dominant tribes, it is known that they can be counted on to oppose the less trusted tribes if they get uppity. Additionally, the Silver fangs pure blood causes an instinctual reaction of respect in other garou.

Red Talons are regarded as wildcards but still shown respect due to their unquestionable devotion to Gaia and Luna, as well as their brutal honesty with themselves and others. Simply put, they have the lowest bullshit tolerance of all the tribes.

Black Furies, Children of Gaia, Silent Striders and Stargazers near the top social tier of the sept, owing to the fact that they will almost always back up the dominant Uktena and Wendigo tribes when it comes down to brass tacks. These tribes have flat out gone on record as saying that the Uktena and Wendigo are the rightful stewards of the sept and will help those tribes hold onto it. Silent Striders in particular are liked by the Wendigo and Uktena because they never helped the Wyrmcomer Garou. Also, the Black Furies have sworn a blood oath to help the Uktena and Wendigo defend the caern to their last breath. Since it is known that the Furies HATE to break their promises and agreements, they are highly trusted.

Uktena and Wendigo are the two most dominant tribes in the sept. They have managed to hold it since time immemorial. They are the political top dogs of the sept and caern but have to be extra vigilant against the Get of Fenris and Shadow Lords as well as minions of the Wyrm in order to hold onto their rightful place. Characters from these two tribes will be taught to hold themselves to the highest standards and that there is no room for dead weight.

Of course, the tribe of a garou isn’t the only factor for how a character will fit into the sept. Characters of the Metis breed will have a huge black mark against them. Rank, Renown, and Backgrounds will also modify social status, as well.

Character Creation

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