The Red Talon Alpha


Redmane has tan fur with a reddish mane in lupus and crinos forms, hence his name. After a recent kill, he often lays down in the remains and rolls in the carcass causing his fur to be matted with dried blood and bits of grue. He rarely ever shifts to homid form but when he does he appears as an almost neanderthal-esque man with a wide nose and red hair. In either form, he has many scars criss-crossing his body. In conversations with non-lupus he is usually impatient, wanting to get straight to the point. With other lupus garou, he is a little more chatty and willing to make small talk about deer and rabbit kills, raising wolf cubs, and the weather. He is known to be fascinated by thunderstorms, willing to sit and watch and listen to them for hours.


Redmane is the current leader of the North Wind Red Talons. He won the position after the former leader Blood Paw simply got too old. Redmane then challenged him to a klaive duel and killed him. However, it was a bittersweet victory for Redmane. Afterwards, he howled mournfully for hours. He is a veteran of many battles, both in the spirit world and in the material plane. He is known to have grudging respect for the Wendigo but seems to barely tolerate most other tribes. He is by turns harsh towards other Red Talons but also shows a sort of gruff love towards his brothers and sisters, as well.


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