Children of Luna

Home Is Where The Hurt Is

Nov. 13, 1992

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The New Ashland Horror

Nov. 9, 1992

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Pack Mentality
By the Dawn's Early Light

Nov. 4, 1992-Nov.5, 1992

The cub garou Follows The Scent, Drake Thompson, Halstein Knows-No-Mercy, Jason “Raging Wind” Twill, Spook Chaser, and Alecta Castellanos were summoned by Pau Shan Qu to undergo a Rite of Passage after all receiving recurring dreams of an owl seemingly trying to attract their notice, the elders of the sept correctly interpreting that it was a totem spirit calling them to form a new pack. Their mission was twofold: 1) Scout out the vampires of Detroit in order to ascertain their state of readiness against a garou attack and 2) travel to Windsor, Ontario, Canada to the Sept of the Crossroads and attempt to get Don Avery Riggs to possibly re-open up a dialogue with the Sept of the North Wind or at least share his opinion on the possibility of an upcoming war with the Detroit vampires which Wananga One-Eye has been agitating for. They were given some time to prepare and during that time, Redmane and Bloodbiter of the Disciples of Raven approached Follows The Scent and told him to “kill some leeches” while in Detroit. Also, Raging Wind was approached by Nicolae Dragomir and Rusty Chase of the Disciples of Raven and told to assassinate an old enemy of the Shadow Lords: Nadia Jovanovic. Drake followed Raging Wind in lupus form and spied on the whole exchange. Before leaving, Raging Wind tried to persuade the pack to agree to the assassination. They adopted a “wait and see” attitude as killing wasn’t an assigned part of their rite of passage. They also chose a name for their pack: The Dawn Guard. One of the Aylesbury Glass Walkers came and told them to stop at The Void if they were scouting vampires.

They set out in a borrowed station wagon for Detroit, stopping at a convenience store along the way for some microwaved food. Follows The Scent and Spook Chaser found the microwave far unappealing and loped off to run down a rabbit and raid her burrow. Much to the chagrin of the homids, the lupus members ate baby bunnies in the back of the station wagon.

After first passing through Detroit, the Dawn Guard stopped at the Sept of the Crossroads to confer with Avery Riggs, Sept Leader and Don of the Glass Walkers. He was very irate about Wananga’s plans and threatened that if the North Wind garou started a war with the Detroit leeches and said war spilled over into Windsor, the North Wind Garou would also be fighting a two front war against the Sept of the Crossroads. However, he did promise to come to the North Wind Caern and speak against such a war if need be. He also told them to try scouting the abandoned Allied Steel plant.

The Dawn Guard went back to Detroit and rented a couple of rooms at a cheap hotel called the Starlight, situated in Warrendale and coincidentally the home neighborhood of the Bloodrunners. This neighborhood was chosen because of Drake originally being from Warrendale himself. They then went to Allied Steel and dropped off Spook Chaser, Halstein, and Drake who went into the Umbra and first killed a minor Bane spirit before spying on the vampires via “peeking”. They discovered the Archbishop conferring with the Bishops(including Bishop Jovanovic, who felt their presence as a shiver down her spine thanks to her Auspex) long enough to overhear them discussing recent events and what progress was being made against something called the “Camarilla”. They observed that what was hidden at Allied Steel was a multi-layered temple of some sort and witnessed a pack of leeches performing some sort of blood ritual which involved eviscerating a human woman. Sickened, they decided to leave and wait for the others to return from The Void.

At The Void, Raging Wind stayed in the physical world while Follows The Scent and Alecta spied on the leeches from the Umbra. In the VIP room, they overheard Eddie Descain and James Smith conferring with Leonardo Cervantes. They discussed how much of the silver the Sabbat acquired had been made into silver bullets and how the other portion was being smelted down into blades for silver daggers. Leonardo also spoke of plans to capture live “lupines” so they could “blood bond” them and use them as shock troops against “the Camarilla.” They went back downstairs and conferred in the Umbra while Raging Wind scouted the room but shortly thereafter, Deshain and Smith went downstairs and passed by Raging Wind. Smelling something “wrong” about Raging Wind, James nudged Eddie and Eddie made a hand gesture across the room to Charles Sterling, who went outside. The two sabbat Vampires told Twill that he needed to “come with them” in a threatening manner. At that point, Follows The Scent and Alecta appeared from the Umbra in crinos form with Follows The Scent quickly growling to the two leeches to “back off”. The vampires were thoroughly startled by this and the crowd at the Void ran out screaming followed by the three garou. They hopped in their station wagon unaware that Charles Sterling was following them in shadow form and hitched a ride by clinging to the underside of their station wagon. They picked up the rest of their pack and went back to the hotel. After going inside, Charles assumed solid form and looked up at their room and smiled. He walked off, planning to later capture a garou and use the rest of the pack to assassinate his rival, Bishop Loeb. However, his plans would never pan out.

Conferring in one of their rooms, the Dawn Guard to make one…and only one…attempt to kill Nadia Jovanovic. They went back to The Void and watched from the Umbra. They spied upon Nadia and her pack. Once again, Nadia felt a shiver down her spine and told her pack something was wrong and that they need to return to the safety of their haven. However, the Dawn Guard followed them in the Umbra and waited until the first light of dawn to attack. They materialized from the spirit world inside the pack haven and first finished off the ghouls. Then they took turns opening coffins in the basement, killing most and staking couple as an experiment to see how true the staking through the heart legend was. Alecta quickly shut and sat on Nadia’s coffin after peering inside during this process. The door to the coffin started to bang and clatter! They quickly ripped some chains from the wall of a nearby torture chamber and used them to secure the coffin. After carrying the coffin upstairs to the parking lot, they undid the chains and ripped off the lid. The Elder vampires quickly started to smoke and blacken as she screamed and soon caught on fire. Trying to stop, drop, and roll didn’t help and Nadia finally exploded in a rain of ashes. The Dawn guard then exposed the staked vampires to the sun and watched them burn, as well. They gathered up Nadia’s ashes and used them to spell out a message: “The dawn is coming…” They also torched the place and rode off in a couple of cars stolen from the deceased vampires.

They went back to the caern and made their report to Qu who confessed that he thought Wananga’s call to arms was a bad idea all along and the information only confirmed his suspicions. The Nort Wind garou gathered and Wanaga made another call for war while this time, Qu rebutted him and told the rest of the Sept to reconsider the idea of a possibly disastrous war. They then adjourned.

Cut To…

Night time outside the burned out haven of Nadia and her pack. Examining the damage, Archbishop Santana flies into a rage and yells at Charles Sterling who assures him that the lupines are already gone. Bishop Moriarty calms Archbishop Santana down and promises that when werewolves next come to town, they will avenge Jovanovic.


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